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About Vove Digi

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

Vove Digi is passionate about helping businesses get in front of their audience by removing the bottlenecks that come with marketing. We are a catalyst in helping you painlessly use marketing and tech to secure more customers and grow your business.

Vove Digi’s founder, Tara, has over 30 years of experience in marketing, branding, and PR. She has provided various marketing services to local businesses, right through to corporates such as Hewlett Packard.  

Time to Thrive?

As a digital marketing agency, with an emphasis on using automation and technology, our goal is to help small businesses thrive by using the latest techniques and tools for a strong online presence. 

In doing so, we make use of the 4R Framework. Reputation, Resell, Reach, Retargeting. 

Consider ‘Reputation’ as your Foundation.  Without a solid Foundation, other marketing efforts can be futile and costly. Would you lay a new lawn without firstly preparing the site? Of course not! If you did, the lawn would not thrive. Your marketing is no different. Therefore, Reputation should be considered a critical first step in your marketing strategy.

Once you have the Foundation, you can then move to Reselling to existing customers (consider new or repeat services); Expanding your Reach on Google and local directories; and Retargeting (or re-marketing) to potential customers who have shown an interest in your business.

We see many businesses starting at the Reach or Retargeting stage.  But when done right, starting with Reputation and Resell strategies can result in new business, with less cost than traditional advertising methods. 

Reach out for a discussion if you would like to Thrive in your business!

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